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Barbara Thompson, currently resides in Tampa, Florida as owner of Next Level Unlimited LLC. She has worked her way up the corporate ladder in Fortune 500 companies such as HP, IBM and Arthur Andersen. Spending 25 years in the corporate sector, Barbara progressed as an executive assistant. Barbara became unemployed from Arthur Andersen in 2002 after the company went of out of business. Her world of a great job, great home, great income and great credit came crashing down quickly.


After a download from God in 2006, she implemented the steps immediately and it rid her of $25,000 of collection debt. Legally, she did not have to pay the collection agencies. Out of her experience was birthed a business in 2009 of helping many consumers avoid bankruptcy and eliminate collection debt. She has helped many consumers become debt free.


In 2016, she added in-house credit score restoration services, Restore My Score. The company prides itself on removing:  accurate and inaccurate charge offs prior to the 7 year fall off date, IRS tax liens, private student loans, collections, hard inquiries, foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcy. 

In mid 2019, she has increased proven strategies with results deleting bankrupcty. She continues after 10 years of service with helping consumers dispute bankruptcy reporting.


Her mission is to help consumers realize that there is a solution and to restore your score.

Our mission is to help consumers obtain a great credit score.