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       I hired Barbara  in February 2020  after using other services such as Document Processing Services and Credit Saint. After  a year of using other services I had a bankruptcy on my Experian credit report that would not budge. It seemed that the other services were sending out the same form letters every month with no results. I knew that I needed services that were specialized and agressive. I spoke with Barbara and she was understanding of my situation. She explained her strategy, provided a tailored solution and gave me a realistic time frame for the deletion. I was amazed at her ruthless bias toward execution and her timely follow up. She kept me in the loop with what was happening and reassured me of the process. Five months later the bankruptcy was successfully deleted. I chose her not only because of the results she delivered but because she truly cared about helping me.


Most appreciative, 

Christine E.

       When I hired Barbara 2 months ago July 2020, I had 5 bankruptcies with all 3 bureaus.  Barbara has gotten 4 removed for Experian and 1 from Transunion in 1 month.  I have confidence in her ability that all will be removed soon.   


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